Founder President and CEO

Welcome to On Reserve

We understand the challenges facing our customers when they contact us, and we will do our utmost to assist you, every step of the way. We will perform a No-Obligation inspection and provide you with a detailed estimate of the work to be performed.

A full-operating Incorporation, under the NYS Business Corporation Law. All of our Freelance technicians are trained and certified, by ON|RESERVE INC.

These sessions are designed in a manner geared toward the maximization of efficiency and effectiveness. Your time and products are valuable, so our goal is to best prepare you, taking up the least amount of your time and be as convenient as possible.

  • Letter from the CEO

    Started by a Stage Manager, Steven Ramirez Cisneros, became certified (B.S. and GBAC- trained technician, and others after findings of improper cleaning and disinfection, in the stages/offices/locations

    On|Reserve alway on reserve, Hire us to get it done.

    Our company was formed on a Tier Based System and not just how these other companies do it, JUST BETTER. 



    Your project will consist of A NUMBER of our agents, over AS MANY of total sessions that will last from START TIME SPECIFIED to END TIME SPECIFIED on SPECIFIED DAYS, ALL BY THE CLIENT. Sessions will be comprised most documents part of the sessions and of both hands-on activities and lectures that will touch upon the following subjects.

  • Basic Principles

    As On|Reserve, we strive for excellence and try our best to satisfy our clients every need. With treating our employees as family. We make sure to make our servicing a comfortable and amicable environment. 


    Treating all clients equally from the less frequent to most consistent. Our agents will make sure the spaces (locations) being serviced, will be treated with the utmost degrees, leaving each and every space the On|Reserve way. 

  • Vision and Mission

    As On|Reserve, we Inspire to make sure our customers are satisfied and attended, up to their standards. Aspiring to go Global, creating a system where we can manage, update, and inform while keeping in-sync, all parties involved. 


    Our mission as On|Reserve, we are here to incorporate Covid-Protocol everywhere we service and make a difference, one service at a time. At the rise of Covid, most of us were realizing the spaces we were in, Day-in and Day-Out, were not being cleaned and maintained properly. This was the major cause leading to the spread. If we tackle it all together, we will slow the spread. 

  • Values and Cultures


    On|Reserve is here to listen and meet clients needs and expectations. Our Agents are always striving for the best, making sure the spaces are maintained and clean, while reducing COVID and Other Infections.


    Details in space are key in servicing. Unacceptable, when spaces look like they haven't been cleaned. Our goal is to make sure the minor details are taken care of. Make sure to always appear presentable and maintain a basic sense of cleanliness at all times. Act and Look presentable, note all major tasks and events as priority.